Mono Calphos buffered liquid fertiliser

Analysis W/V
Nitrogen (N) 11.8%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 24.0%
Potassium (K2O) 8.4%
Calcium (Ca) 2.2%
Magnesium (MgO) 4.2%
Iron (Fe) 0.06%
Manganese (Mn) 0.06%
Copper (Cu) 0.04%
Zinc (Zn) 0.06%
Boron (B) 0.06%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.02%
Cobalt (Co) 0.003%

Density: 1.40 g/cc

In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of calcium in plant nutrition. Calcium exerts a strong influence on the formation and stability of flowers, and subsequent fruit set as it is a vital component of cell walls, enzymes and actively growing tissue. As a consequence, quality and yield of crops depends heavily on a good supply of calcium.

Rates and Timing of Application

Cereals: Wheat, barley, oats at 5 - 10 litres/hectare, at 2 to 5- leaf stage or at early tillering. Maize, sweet corn, sorghum and rice at 5 - 10 litres/hectare early tillering to panicle initiation.

Horticultural Crops: Apples, Pears, Stone Fruits, Persimmon, Mango, Avocado, applied through drip irrigation at 6 litres/hectare.
Vegetables at 6 litres/hectare through overhead sprinkler irrigation water.

Water (minimum): Cereals at 70 litres/hectare for 10 litres of Mono Calphos. Horticultural crops at 1000 litres/hectare for 6 litres of Mono Calphos.

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