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• What is the Blend-Tech SYSTEM?

The Blend-Tech SYSTEM, researched and developed by Western Fertiliser Technology Pty Ltd enables farmers to produce their own quality liquid fertilisers on-farm. Considerable savings in cost for liquid fertilisers, including costs for transport and containers are obtained.

The Blend-Tech systems are user-friendly, and all that is needed for farmers to produce quality, high-analysis liquid fertilisers is to add commonly available granulated fertilisers from 25 kg bags (or bulka bags) to a quantity of water in the Blend-Tech unit, followed by a quantity of our high-quality Super Energy trace element liquid concentrate (see Products list). The products are then pumped into 1,000-litre IBC shuttles and stored for use later or used immediately. Storage stability of all products is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. Five different liquid products (see Fertiblend System on Products page), using different granular fertilisers and Super Energy can be produced.

• What is the production per day?

Production per day is very high, so is the savings, With the smaller 1,000-litre system (see photos of the Blend-Tech systems on our home page), 4,000-litres or 4 IBC shuttles of any of the five products can be produced each day. With the 4,500-litre system, 4 batches/day or 18,000-litres (18 IBC shuttles) can be produced.

• What is the cost per litre of each formulation?

Each litre of Blend-Tech product costs approximately $0.50 to $0.70 per litre to produce, providing costs of ingredients remain stable.

• Does the quality of the product change with each mix?

The quality of the product does not change with each mix because the quality of the granular fertilisers used (eg. urea, magnesium sulphate, potassium sulphate) do not change, neither does the quality of our high density, fully soluble, chelated, Super Energy trace element liquid concentrate. A guarantee is given with the Blend-Tech systems that there will be no blocking of 50-mesh stainless steel filters used in boom sprayers during spraying. Each batch of any of the 5 liquid fertilisers produced by farmers will have the stated qualities and analysis.

• Do I need to add extra trace elements to the mix?

The chelated Super Energy liquid concentrate with high phosphorus and other elements is fully balanced in trace elements (see Products List), so there is no need to add extra trace elements to the mix. However if Grain Analysis indicates a serious deficiency of a particular trace element, application rates of the Blend-Tech products can be increased. Our single trace element liquid products (see Grain Analysis System Products in Products List) can also be added to the mix or to the boom tank (e.g. Soil & Foliar Zinc, Soil & Foliar Manganese etc.).

• How different is the 1,000-litre system to the 4,500-litre system?

The 1,000-litre system is designed for farmers who do not own a fork lift and for those who wish to produce around 4,000-litres only a day of any of the 5 products. Plus, it is a cheaper investment than the 4,500-litre system.

The 1,000-litre system uses a Davey electric pump (with RCD) to mix the liquids, and has a suction attachment for adding the Super Energy trace element concentrate. It is built with non-corrosion, high quality materials and includes a fan (with RCD) to remove nuisance dust, a 50-mesh stainless steel filter, delivery system, quality Philmac valves, stainless steel hose-clamps and quality camlocks.

The 4,500-litre system uses a Davey electric pump (with RCD) for suction and a 2 hp overhead geared motor (with RCD) and stainless steel impeller in addition to the materials described above for the 1,000-litre system. It also comes with a fully galvanized, sturdy working platform.

• What are the application rates for the products I will produce?

Application rates differ for each product, and recommended application rates for different crops are included in the package.

For example, the Blend-NS product containing 20% N and 6.5% S plus trace elements (see Fertiblend System, Products List) would be used wherever the popular Flexi-N product is used, at similar rates. By alternating Blend-NS and Blend-Cal, or Blend-K and Blend-Mag at the 5-leaf and at tillering stages a complete nutrient package is delivered to the crop. Application rates can vary from 10 litres/ha to 40 litres/ha according to need.

• What are the benefits of Blend-Tech liquid fertilisers?

The Blend-Tech liquids contain a full range of major elements and trace elements compared to NP granular fertilisers such as DAP used at seeding, which may contain at best two or three trace elements. Dollar for dollar, Blend-Tech liquids are much more effective and economical to use. The participation of trace elements and biostimulants, spreading agents, fish emulsion, and humic acid in Super Energy makes full use of the nutrition provided by major elements added to solution.

Liquids are also much more versatile, being able to be used more effectively by application to the seed, soil or foliar at the most opportune stages and tuned to rainfall. Their chemical and physical properties of solubility, buffering properties against soil acids, chelation of trace elements for easy availability and plant uptake, even application with boom sprayers for economy make them highly desirable and popular with farmers who have purchased a Blend-Tech system (see also on Technical Questions page "Can I replace soil applied granular fertilisers with liquid fertilisers?").

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